Farming is a popular interest group at Whippoorwill. For summer 2018, campers especially enjoyed the Nigerian pygmy goats from Shenanigoats and the lambs from the Robeson family (#leipersforklamb).

There are so many activities to choose from at Whippoorwill! You can try something new each day or build your skills by choosing the same activity again. A big part of Whippoorwill is free choice – you get to choose your interest group five times a day (Bear Cubs get help choosing their activities).

Each age group has a variety of activities. Some activities are designed to be special for the older campers and something you must “wait” to participate in when you’re older.

Some of the favorite activities include: nature exploration, gardening and learning about the farm animals, arts and crafts, kayaking, hiking, drama, fishing, crawdad-catching, inner tubing in the pond, pottery, camp newspaper, movie making, free swimming, rappelling and rock climbing, field games, archery, pony riding, outdoor cooking, biking, creek exploring, archaeology, tie-dye, and the Flying Squirrel!

Campers spend their days “signing up” for activities and choosing how they spend their day. There are 5 chances each day to choose their favorite activities. Campers spend one hour in each activity group. Sometimes an activity fills up; we ask campers to have a second choice in mind. If the activity continues to fill up and by Wednesday your camper has not done that activity, let us know and we will put your child’s name at the top of the list for the next day’s group.

We recommend that campers attend Whippoorwill for two sessions to participate in all activity choices or spend more time in a favorite activity.