for campers entering the 1st grade

The Bear Cubs enjoy exploring the farm or playing in the creek. Counselors helps campers choose their activities, which are specifically crafted for this age group. Activities include archeology, archery, arts and crafts, fishing, free swim in the pool daily, pony rides, kayaking, exploring the Nature Museum and trail hikes.

Bear Cubs get to go to the pool together as a group every day. A lifeguard is on duty and all campers must take a swim test on Monday. Additional counselors watch from the pool deck or join in the fun. The group also enjoy a hayride to the creek on Friday.

Session Dates

We will post Summer 2019 session dates in Fall 2018.

Daily Schedule

  • 8:55 – Buses Arrive. Everyone puts their lunch in their Den and enjoys “den time.”
  • 9:20 – Morning Council Ring; camp formally opens with singing, daily announcements and first period sign-ups
  • 9:30-10:30 – 1st period
  • 10:40-11:40 – 2nd Period
  • 11:40-12:10 – Lunch with Den
  • 12:20-1:20 – 3rd Period
  • 1:30-2:30 – 4th period
  • 2:40-3:30 – 5th period
  • 3:30-3:45 – Snack, announcements and closing.
  • 3:45 – Begin loading buses
  • 4:00 – Buses Depart

How to Register