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If you are new to Whippoorwill, you will need to set up a user name and password when you register.

These sessions are full:

  • Bear Cub: Sessions 2-10
  • Log Cabin: Sessions 3, 8
  • Teepee/Teepee Elders: Sessions 5, 8
  • Leadership Challenge: Sessions A and B

System requirements

Whippoorwill’s online registration is powered by CampBrain. They recommend using the Google Chrome or Firefox browser. While you can register using a tablet or smartphone, you will have the most efficient experience using your desktop or laptop computer. Windows and Macintosh systems are both compatible with CampBrain.

Special note for Feb. 10 and 14

CampBrain limits the number of people who can register at one time. If Whippoorwill reaches its limit, you will see this message: “Welcome! A lot of people are registering at the moment. You will be able to proceed with your registration shortly. Please refresh your browser until this message disappears. Thank you for your patience.”

If you see this message, please keep refreshing your browser until the message disappears and you can log in. Think of this “throttle” as a hold button on a phone. The throttle is saving your place in line and you will be able to log in once it’s your turn.

Questions or concerns?

We’re glad to help if you have questions or concerns about online registration. Please email or call 615-799-9925. On registration day, email is usually the quickest way to reach us.

Waitlist Policy

The waitlist will open on Feb. 14 at noon. We only accept waitlist submissions by email. To add your camper to the waitlist, email Include this information in your email:

  • Your camper’s name and grade in fall of 2018
  • Parent name and phone number
  • Session(s) you desire

We will add your camper(s) to the waitlist based on the date and time we receive your email. Should a spot become available, Whippoorwill will contact you by email or phone.

Whippoorwill T-Shirt

You can pre-order a Whippoorwill t-shirt when you register online. The cost is $15.