Happy New Year!

It feels so good to sit down and welcome all of you to our very first blog, Campfire Chats! This has been a project we have talked about for many years and it took a crazy year like 2020 to make it happen. We hope these chats will be a fun update about life on the farm, camp happenings and share more about what we are really passionate about, getting kids outdoors and watching them succeed!

I won’t spend too much time lamenting about 2020. We all know the toll this year took on each of us. Some families felt the stress more than others. Some kids handled the daily changes and the different schedules better than others. It felt like the longest and shortest year of our lives! But it wasn’t all bad! There were certainly good things that happened in 2020 (we managed to run camp after all). Let’s not focus on just the stuff we missed out on. Let’s go into 2021 with an open mind and a kindness that is desperately needed in the world. Let’s treat people like we do at camp. Let’s be camp!

At camp, we welcome new faces. We offer our creek net to the kid who doesn’t have one. We find a new friend to hike with. We cheer each other on when we reach the top of the climbing wall. We laugh, we are engaged, we are flexible. We try new things. We learn from others. We are connected through nature. There is a magic at camp that brings smiles to faces and gives us the encouragement we need. Why can’t we bring a little bit of camp into the real world?  Let’s be camp all the time in 2021!

We wish you all a healthy 2021!


Top Picks for January:

  • Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean we can’t bundle up and get outdoors. Check out some of these kid friendly trails in the Nashville area at ALL TRAILS
  • Have you visited the Nature Center at Warner Park? It’s so fun and they have some great free events coming up in January. Check out their winter calendar!
  • Friday, January 22 is National Answer your Cats Questions Day. Check out our Instagram page and ask Bijou, our office cat, a question!
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