By Counselor Parker

Throughout different summers at Whippoorwill, we have many returning counselors come back summer after summer. For the 50th summer at Whippoorwill there are even some returning counselors that have found their way back to camp many years later. This week we talked to counselor Jarrett who first started working at camp in 1996 and returned to work session 2 of summer 2022.

What is it like coming back to work at camp the 50th summer?
“It is amazing to me how identical it is to way back in 1996, but even more amazing is how different it is. It’s a well-oiled machine now, it wasn’t always like this.”

How have things changed at camp and what things are the same?
“Well, they are the same seen in that you know obviously we still have the signups, and the activities are mostly the same, and the kids are just out here having a blast and that’s amazing to me. Two of the biggest differences are when I was here in ‘96 you were never ever ever ever allowed to throw rocks and now we have a rock-throwing activity, and you were never ever ever allowed to climb trees, and now we have tree climbing.”

Jarret, we have loved having you back at camp with us this week. Thank you for your contribution to camp and dedication to giving campers an amazing summer. This summer we will continue to have more previous staff join us for our 50th summer. Keep up with these staff highlights in our newspaper or website.

photo of Counselor Jarrett
Jarrett and Tia wedding

Top photo: Counselor Jarrett in summer 2022. Bottom photo: Jarrett met his wife, Tia, at camp. They had their wedding at Whippoorwill!