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About Health & Safety

At Camp Whippoorwill the health and safety of each camper is very important to us. Our staff provides close supervision to all campers.

Due to the community nature of camp, if your camper has flu-like symptoms or other communicable diseases please contact the camp office so that we may track illnesses that our campers have.

Medication from home

If your child needs to take prescription or non-prescription medication while at camp, please follow these steps:

  1. A Medication Information Form can be downloaded from our web site, or you may call the camp office and we will email one to you. Complete all the information and return the form with the medication.
  2. All medications must be stored in the Whippoorwill health center (an exception to this may be for campers with asthma. They may carry their inhalers with a letter from the doctor stating they are able to carry their inhaler). All medication must be in an original labeled container. If the medication is prescription, the pharmacy label with the child’s name must be on the container.
  3. Please give all medications and specific physician instructions to the bus driver on Monday morning. The bus driver will return your medication on the Friday afternoon of your last session. Do not forget to pick it up.
  4. The camp will not give campers any medications that are improperly labeled or not prescribed by a physician. We will call parents and/or physicians concerning all medications about which there are questions involving safety.

Special Needs

Camp Whippoorwill does not consider itself a camp for children with special needs and is not equipped for such services. We are in a rural, somewhat remote location. Our facility is hilly and rocky, making walking from one area to another difficult for children with some special needs. If a child with special needs is to be considered for camp placement the following criteria must be met:

  1. The Health History must be competed with specific details for the child’s needs.
  2. The parent needs to contact the physician treating the child for that condition to obtain a letter of release supporting the child’s attendance at camp and listing any special accommodations that need to be met.
  3. Agreement and approval from the camp nurse and camp director.

The camp may determine that the camper’s special needs require additional help beyond our program capability. There are additional fees associated with a one-on-one counselor/camper situation. Please call the camp office 615-799-9925 to discuss the specific care your camper may need before registering them for the summer.

Health Forms

  • Health History. No form this year! We will collect your camper’s health history information after you register (see details in the left column).
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