All of the items below can be kept in a backpack or sack. The bag can stay in your camper’s Den throughout the day.

  • swimsuit
  • towel (optional)
  • change of dry clothes
  • creek shoes
  • closed toed shoes (if wanting to horseback ride or rock climb/rappel)
  • water bottle
  • sunscreen/bug spray
  • lunch
Campers need to bring a lunch with them every day with the exception of Teepee and Teepee Elder campers (4th-8th grades) who will cook out on Thursdays. Campers play hard before lunch and therefore need lots of fuel to get them through the rest of the day. Please pack healthy and hearty lunches and stay away from the sugary drinks and snacks. We will provide an afternoon snack before bus dismissal. If a camper forgets the beautiful lunch you slaved over in the morning, we will make sure they do not go hungry. A lunch will be prepared for them in the office. If this happens more than once in a session, a charge of $5 will be added to your account.
A camp snack is provided every afternoon to all campers. Snacks usually include a popcicle, rice krispie treat, or fruit snack. If your camper has allergies, we will provide an alternative snack.
Please call the camp office at 615-799-9925 to let us know your camper will not be attending camp that day. If you know ahead of time, due to prior commitment, you may send a note with your child on the previous day. Your camper’s director will call to verify your camper’s absence and to check that everything is okay. We do not discount or prorate for missing a day (or days) of camp.
If you need to pick up your camper early from camp, please send a note with your camper that morning or call the office. This way we can try our best to have your camper in the office, ready to go. When you arrive at camp, please go to the camp office where you will be asked to sign out your camper.
We offer the opportunity for friends to be paired up with each other in small groups that we call Dens. If your camper would like to share a Den with a friend, please provide the friend’s name during the application process. To ensure your request, ask the other camper to request your camper on their application. Please check that the campers’ session dates and ages match. An older camper may be placed in a younger camp group at the parent’s request. A younger camper may not go to an older camp group. We can only guarantee one additional friend request, but will try to accommodate more if we are able.
We love when parents come out to camp to see all the fun! Because our property is so large and safety is always first, we simply ask that you stop by the office before locating your camper so we know you are on property. You will sign in and receive a visitor’s badge. We will help you locate your camper and provide a camp map for a self-guided tour. If you would like your camper to show you around, make sure your camper has told their Den counselor before walking around.
At the end of each day, misplaced items are displayed near buses in the hopes of returning them to their owner. If a camper’s name is on the found item, we do our best to return it to the camper that day. All remaining items left at camp will be kept for three weeks and then will be donated to Goodwill. We are happy to reunite you with your lost item, but will not mail or hand deliver any items. Arrangements can be made to send home with a friend, send to a bus stop, or to pick up at camp.

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