This session’s theme is Hero Week. Join us this week when we celebrate the heroes in our lives. Themed games and crafts will be happening all week long and we might even meet some real life heroes!

What’s Happening Each Day

  • Monday: Welcome to Camp!
  • Tuesday: Bear Cub Hayride
  • Wednesday: Log Cabin Hayride. Teepee and Teepee Elders will enjoy a cookout for their lunch. And Log Cabin and Bear Cubs will get a s’more roast.
  • Thursday: Don’t forget to bring a white shirt, socks or pillowcase for tie-dye day. Or you can purchase a Whippoorwill white t-shirt for $5.00. Bear Cub campers can build their stuffed animals.
  • Friday: Dress-up day! Come dressed up as your favorite real life or make believe hero. Teepee Hayride. Log Cabin and Teepee campers build their stuffed animals.