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In the early 1970s we had an interest group of walking to the Fernvale country store. Campers brought a quarter and could get a candy bar or soda. Mr. King ran the country store and kept Christmas tinsel up all year round. – Gill, former staff

Our first camp pony was named Rosie (full name Rosinante, from Don Quixote). We had no idea that she was pregnant and, one summer day, she had a foal who we named Surprise. – Sidney, camp founder and owner

I remember “peanut butter land.” Trillium asked me to dig 24 post holes in a swampy area. The posts zigged and zagged and were 6 feet apart. The camper used 2 pieces of lumber to bridge the gap between posts to cover the path without getting in the mud. No one ever made it the entire way without mud on their feet! – Hank, former staff