Whether you are visiting our website for the first time or you have been coming to camp for many years, I would like to say welcome!

As a child growing up I attended camps occasionally every summer; Girl Scout camp and the local park and recreation camp. I just went a few times when my parents needed something to do with me. I never found a “favorite.” Well, little did I know that you don’t have to be a kid to find that “favorite” camp. I stumbled upon Whippoorwill as a complete fluke, needing a summer job when I was in college. I had just moved to Nashville and knew no one or anything about the city. My mom wanted to help (like all good moms) and heard about the camp and encouraged (strongly) that I apply for a counselor position.

Next thing I knew I was hired to be a counselor for the Log Cabin campers. Well, I couldn’t just work one summer, so I came back the next year and the next year and, well you get the picture. Every summer I started learning more about myself, making friends that would last a lifetime and having a blast watching kids play and grow.

When the fate of Whippoorwill was unknown the summer of ’08, I stepped up and with the blessing and guidance of Sidney Wooten, founder and Director Emeritus; I took over as Executive Director. All my summers as a counselor and assistant program director prepared me for the new job. I mean one doesn’t typically major in “Camp” while in college, but that was what summer was for. It was like summer school, but fun!

Now entering my 10th full year as “Exec Direc” (a name counselors gave me) I could not be happier with the direction the camp is going as well as my camp career. I hope as parents you understand the importance of camp in the lives of children. They learn more about themselves and the outdoors in a short week than a text book could teach them in a year. At Whippoorwill we encourage exploring, trying new things outside of comfort zones, making new friends, learning its ok to laugh at yourself and that the natural outdoors has so much to offer that the television cannot.

Please take some time and explore our brand new website. And take a look at your calendar to see when would be the perfect time for your child to attend Whippoorwill Farm Day Camp and have a summer of a lifetime.

I hope your child finds a special place here at Whippoorwill; I know I have.

Happy Camping!

Shanelle Lambert-Rauh
Executive Director